‘Cuba has lost its essence’: Colada Shop’s effort to save Cuban culture.

Freedom Latin America

Colada Shop uses Cuban food not only to introduce Cuban culture to D.C. but to preserve it as Cuba continues to face scarcity and exodus that erases the authenticity of Cuban culture.

Washington, (D.C.)- As Cuba continues to face food scarcity and exile under a sixty-year-dictatorship, Colada Shop creates a variety of Cuban specialties that vary from coffee to pastries to preserve Cuban culture.

“Cuba is a culture that’s been paused,” says Mario Monte, Culinary director and Co-owner of Colada Shop.

Cuba’s sixty-three-year dictatorship has paused the generational teaching of food recipes that have persisted for centuries because of food scarcity and policies such as ration cards and the prohibition of red meat.

“Cubans live in survival mode,” says Mario.

Mario is Venezuelan-Cuban. He was born in Venezuela, but his dad is from Santiago, Cuba. He later moved to Miami.

 Miami is considered to be the “Cuban hotspot.” For Mario…

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