About Myself.

Welcome Reader!

My name is Angélica Franganillo-Diaz. I am a Political Science graduate from Florida International University. Before moving to Miami, Florida I studied at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez campus. I consider myself a Puerto Rican-born-Cuban due to the enrichment of Cuban culture throughout my life. My grandparents immigrated from Cuba in the 1970’s to Puerto Rico. Place where they had my mom and my uncle. My mother met my dad in one of her trips to Cuba with my grandmother. They fell in love, moved to Puerto Rico together, and had me and my sister, Alejandra. Majority of my family still lives in Cuba.

My interest for Latin America arose mainly from my attachment towards Cuba. Growing up listening to stories about the ruthless Fidel Castro and his communist regime that led thousands of brave migrants, like my family, to risk their life in search, for what I believe to be the most valuable facet of our humanity–Freedom. As I pursued my degree in Political Science during my first two years in Puerto Rico, there was a recurrence of people my age falling for the same populist rhetoric and politics that Fidel Castro once promised for Cuba. Sadly this recurrence is not unique only to Puerto Rican students at the University of Puerto Rico but throughout the whole Latin American region. Coming to Miami a hotspot of immigrants, the recurrence was still sadly the same. As someone who has experienced first hand the consequences of these rhetorics I believe it is my duty to tell the stories.

(Fun fact about myself: I have been to Cuba three times!)

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